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so, someone decided to donate an entire year of Time for our Page. That ramped us up to a total of 453 remaining Days. Whoever that was, thank you a lot for this!

And as a result of that, we removed the GroupPay function from this Page. We cannot guarantee that Enjin (or we) will still be here in almost 1,5 years, so we go the safe route and stop accepting Website Donations for the time being.

And to prevent rumors:

We do not have plans to shut either this Page, the Modpack, or any Server down! In fact, there are currently plans for a 1.10+ Modpack and new Servers for that (Additional; Not replacements!); *cough* GTNH v3 *cough*.

So in the name of the whole GT:NH Team:

Thank you all for your support and generous donations!

- Namikon

Good day everyone,

our ISP is doing some maintenance on their Routers, and both our Servers are affected.

Tomorrow, on 06.09.2018, between 05:00am and 07:00am (estimated) CEST (03:00am to 05:00am (estimated) in UTC) the connections to Delta and Epsilon are to be considered unstable.

- Namikon


as a result of updating Delta to a new Server, we could get rid of the old and "expensive" contract we had.
Long story short: The old price for both Servers was about 95 EUR each month; The new price is 87,25 EUR.

Doesn't sound that much huh? But keep in mind we now have a lot more performance on Delta, and in addition to that, we set up a 3rd location for Backups. So now even if the worst case scenario happens and one of our Servers dies a horrible death (Mainboard, both hard drives at the same time, you name it) we still will be able to restore a backup that is 1 to 12 Hours old, within a reasonable time.

And all that for about ~7 Euro less than what we paid before.
Don't know about you, but I call that a good deal!

- Namikon

Delta == Epsilon

[Admin] Namikon a posted May 21, 18

The move of Delta has been completed. Delta is now equal to Epsilon; Same CPU, the same amount of Memory, 100% dedicated for GT:NH, and even a few bucks cheaper than before! (We'll update the Donation goal in the next couple of days)

You should be able to login as usual, without the need to change any address at all.
In case you can't join, make sure your client points to delta.gtnewhorizons.com


Hello everyone,

a quick status update; We're currently getting the "new Delta" ready for action.
Due to family activities (And as such the absence of both Admins) next Saturday and Sunday, we're scheduling the migration of Delta for Monday, the 21st of May.

As a result, Delta will be unavailable for about 3-4 hours on this day.

And as a sort of "FAQ":

  • No Dimension will be reset or wiped
  • No progress will be lost
  • You do not have to prepare your base for anything

More detailed information will follow as we progress through the Server Setup.

[18.05.2018] UPDATE:
Server is ready for action. Backup System is still pending, but we'll get that covered soon.
Estimated downtime: 

21.05.2018 11:00 CEST till 15:00 CEST

[21.05.2018] Update:

Update delayed; New estimated downtime:

21.05.2018 15:00 CEST till 19:00 CEST

- Namikon

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