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Preparations to move

By [Admin] Namikon a - Posted Wed at 11:01

Hello everyone,

a quick status update; We're currently getting the "new Delta" ready for action.
Due to family activities (And as such the absence of both Admins) next Saturday and Sunday, we're scheduling the migration of Delta for Monday, the 21st of May.

As a result, Delta will be unavailable for about 3-4 hours on this day.

And as a sort of "FAQ":

  • No Dimension will be reset or wiped
  • No progress will be lost
  • You do not have to prepare your base for anything

More detailed information will follow as we progress through the Server Setup.

[18.05.2018] UPDATE:
Server is ready for action. Backup System is still pending, but we'll get that covered soon.
Estimated downtime: 

21.05.2018 11:00 CEST till 15:00 CEST

[21.05.2018] Update:

Update delayed; New estimated downtime:

21.05.2018 15:00 CEST till 19:00 CEST

- Namikon

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