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it's a well-known fact that our Server Delta suffers from Low TPS most of the time. We've been discussing this a lot, how we could improve performance with the Hardware we have right now; Always having a focus on Server-Cost. Things like Mob-Spawn limiting, custom Mods, and Plugins to limit TileEntity Ticks, limits to the Range a Mob can "see" players, and a lot more.

Bad news is, nothing really helped; The Server we have available is just not powerful enough, and as such, it averages around 15 TPS with just 4-6 Players online; Where Epsilon is able to keep up the same performance with 15 Players. (This is based on logged Data for the past 24 hours)

The Donations have been going really great the past months, and we have quite some savings; Basically, we could run almost 2 Months without any donation by now. There was a community vote a while ago, and the result of this was to accumulate the savings, and we are doing so.

We did some research on how to improve performance with updating the Hardware. The results are ... not as good as we hoped they would be; At least not if we don't want to spend more money for it.

There is an option available which would, in theory (Entirely based on CPU Benchmarks), boost Delta that much, so it would even surpass Epsilon, for about 60% increased cost for the Server. 

The calculations are:
Epsilon has a Score of 2229 points (Xeon 1270v3) and Delta has 2069 points (I7 3770). The option that is available for a reasonable price has a score of 2623 (i7 8700) (Source CPU Scores)

That seems to be a big improvement.
So one option we have would be to Setup one of those 8700 machines, move Delta there and let it run for a month, to see how it performs.
If it's not worth the extra money, we can always go back to a cheaper machine. Keep in mind that we will have to raise the monthly donation goal by about 25 euro if the performance is really that great and we decide to stick with it.

The second option would be to skip the 8700 Setup and directly get another one of those "Epsilon" machines, which would improve TPS comparable to the Level of Epsilon, and possibly even save a few bucks (And as such, lowering the Donation goal)

So please leave your comments below on what you think about this.


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