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Good day everyone,

in the past 2 Months we haven't reached our donation-goal #2, and this month it also seems that we will not hit the sweet spot.
We're not doing this for profit, which means that we have to pay the remaining amount to keep our Servers online.

The Server(s) for GTNH where paid by our Staff for almost 2 years before we had to consider donations, and we cannot rely on this again.

As a result, we will monitor the donations until 01.01.2018 (That's about 1,5 donation-cycles), and if we don't reach our goals, we'll consider taking one Server offline.
Unfortunately, since Delta and Epsilon are not compatible, the progress of all players on the Server that is removed will be lost.

We can't promise Character-Transfers, as this is a manual process, each file has to be edited by hand.

We hope you'll understand why we have to do this.

- Namikon

To be more specific about Hardware cost, here is a Detailed Summary of what we use and what we pay:

Delta (XenServer VM)

Processor Intel I7-3770k
Memory 16 GB DDR3 (Dedicated for this VM)
HDD 2x 3TB; Hardware-Raid 1
------- ---------
Cost 51,99 Euro / Month


Processor Intel Xeon E3-1270V3
Memory 32 GB DDR3
HDD 2x 2TB; Hardware-Raid 1
------ ---------
Cost 40 Euro / Month

Various required things (Price per Month)

100GB Remote Backup-Location for Player-Profiles/SQL Dumps 3,45 EUR
Enjin-Page 7,99 EUR

This results in a total monthly price of: 103,43 Euro

One generous Staff-Member keeps donating 20 Euro each Month, resulting in an open bill of 83,43 Euro.

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