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A lot of time has passed since the last big update to
Weeks, almost months, have been spent in programming mods, writing/changing recipes, creating quests, while at the same time trying to keep the progression system that we build from scratch, across every single of our 200+ mods.

Recent new additions to our central mod "GregTech" had a tremendous impact on almost the entire progression system, as it fundamentally changes a few things that were considered to be the "roots" of GT:NewHorizons. And we all know, cutting a tree can be difficult if the tree is large enough; but replanting it because you need to change its roots is almost impossible.

As a result of these huge changes, we decided to make a "major" Version jump this time; "GT:NH 1.5" will be renamed to "GT:NH 2.0" once it's ready to be released.

Meanwhile, please join us on our new Server "Zeta" once it's available and help us find bugs.
The Server is currently being prepared, and will, hopefully, be ready for action starting 14/15th of July '17.

Another announcement will be made once the Server has been made public.

- GTNH Staff

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