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Hey everyone,

We at GT:NH Staff decided to finally move to Enjin for all our needs. The reason is simple; Way too much to do in the Background.
With Enjin, we now have the ultimate All-in-one solution, and we can finally focus on more important work.

The Donation-Store is open now, feel free to browse around and pick the Rank/Kit you like to have. Thank you in advance for your Donation; After over 2 years of keeping the Server up and running almost 24/7 completely free for you players, we definitely appreciate any help to continue this Service, as long as we can.

The page is not yet done, but we're working on it. The Forum, unfortunately, couldn't be moved to Enjin. But we'll take this opportunity to start fresh, together with you!

The Donation Store will be filled with more Items, Kits and Ranks in the future.
There will also be a global monthly donation goal, with awesome features that will unlock for everyone on the Server. Stay tuned!



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