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Level 2
Version 10.09.2018

Mod Upgrade:

Adventure Backpack 0.9-h10
Core Mod 1.5.39
Electro Magic Tools
GTNH-TC-Wands 1.0.4
GT Scanner Mod 1.5.3

Mod Changes:

-fixed cell hydration cell recipe
-can't make cake in assembler - milk won't pipe in #3527
-change iron3 chloride to the material in recipes
-Added Bio CPU
-re-added PicoCircuit and QuantumCircuit as UV and UHV Circuits, Nano Circuit is not registered as Neutronium Circuit
-Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438
-working on new circuits and boards
-fix uhv superconductore wires
-fix broken circuit recipes
-OpenComputers - Rack doesn't craft in the assembler. #3575

-fluid regulater adjustment is broken #3535
-possible fix on Crash - Fluid Registry Issues - #3536
-add texture liquidair
-remove iron3chloride from fluid list because it is an material now. Same for Lifeessence
-Sunnarium fusion recipe #3534
-Un-Nerf Liquid Air #3517
-Java does not handle integer division in the expected way when going negative. Have to use Math.floorDiv() instead.
-Fixed Java exception when removing chunks from list.
-added config option to allow broken recipe map for debug purposes
-rename oil drill to oil/fluid/gas drill
-Add more high tier circuit parts and boards + add textures
-Correct name of Superconductor for UHV
-More Bio Circuit parts
-add reinforced Glass tubes + add recipes for it
-add Crystal soc 2 recipe
-correcting superconductors + add bio tier
-Added new Solar Panels from UHV to UIV (no recipes yet)
-change to new fluids for nq reactors.
-rename all from wires to Superconductore uhv
-remove unused materials because of error: code too large
-Add recipe for Promethium
-Fix Saltwater Huge thanks to @Frytes
-fix superconductor wire color to white back
-fix Block alloy glass
-change solar pannels to meta generated items 03 add ass line localizer for items
-Change Prometium Recipe
-Pipe/Cable overhaul & Add filter output on fluid filters
-Unified connect() method for pipes/wires - each subclass has it's own canConnect(), letsIn(), and letsOut() methods that map to the specifics for that implementation
- Shift Clicking while placing a GT machine will now try connecting to the cable/pipe it is placed on
-You can open a connection to the air for pipes & wires, allowing the next thing you place down to auto connect (ie: a JABBA barrel)
-Distribute Fluids - Modeled after several of the upstream PRs
-Fluid regulators on pipes should stop spazzing out now
-Fluid filter covers - Now work with filtering output
-Fix: Colored cables/pipes properly connect (or don't) to each other based on color
-Trigger connection evaluation on painting of cables/pipes or machines
-Trigger connection evaluation on placement of blocks -- IE: A wire/pipe open to air, and then a dirt block is placed on it - this will close the pipe/wire connection
-Fix weirdness if only one of the gt6 pipes/cables are enabled
-added replacement class for ALL of the Nq Gen classes....
-Changed Nq Reactors to use the new Universal Class
-remove unused stuff and rename fuels
-remove core mod hard dependencies
-fix naquadah reactor wiredness
-Various fixes Added GT-FML-Log
-Added an Exception if a Nq reactor without recipe map is created
-Added the ability to add ReinforcedGlass in the CleanroomWalls (
-Added a config option for changing the ReinforcedGlass percentage
-Renamed Materials2 -> GTNH_ExtraMaterials and fixed it
-added tooltip for glass
-cleaned up code a bit
-GC Energy Compat
-GT cables now properly fill GalacticCraft machines with Energy
-IC2/AE2 Energy Compat
-Updated IC2 & AE2 energy compatability
-Added an option ic2EnergySourceCompat (default is on) to allow GT cables to pull energy directly from IC2 energy sources (nuclear reactors, MSFEs, etc) without the need for a transformer
-Filling IC2/AE2 energy buffers will now send multiple amps if needed
-Use a set instead of an arraylist for transfer electricity; deprecated backwards compatiable method left in
-handle nulls

GT Scanner Mod
-Fixed issue with Electronic Prospector having issues with single-chunk scan. Upped version
-Change from fixed colors for fixed fluids, to assigned colours using a HashMap.
-New fluids will need to be added to the map.
-Tweaked display so instead of trying to change the color displayed in the chunk, it now fills in the chunk indicating how much fluid is located there.
-Fixed offset for the crosshairs vs the player's actual location.

GTNH Wands Mod
-Added Method to add/modiefy Wand Caps
-Fixed Craftable Wands

Electro Magic Tools
-added Large Essentia Gen
-updated Single Block Solars and Single Block Essentia Gen to use @mitchej123 fix
-added Large Essentia Gen support Blocks
-added Super Nice Textures thanks to @LogicFalls
-added Essentia Hatch
-added Essentia Filler to support the Essentia Hatch
-changed load order of the EU map (since Avaritia registers its aspect way too late...)
-fixed Ichorium based recipe
-fixed a Typo in the Information String[]
-fixed a few bugs, removed unused variables & imports
-added a ingame book containing the fuelmap

Config changes:

Custom Tooltips
-Command Blocks for Better Questing - disable 2? #3201

-Liquid Air values too low to actually pump. Made floor and increased top end.
-add new tier circuits infos
-update gt cfgs

Recipe changes:

Electro Magic Tools
-added Recipes for the Large Essentia Generator and support Blocks.

-Coin Mold / Coin Shape on official Servers #3580

Thaumic Bases
-Tiny Suggestion - Recipe to Switch Thaumic Relocator Type #3520
-[recipe] Making Amber(Thaumic bases) #3118

Quests changes:

-Tier 7, Superconductors 32768 quest requirements #3526
-Memory card quest (#1331) is impossible to complete #3525
-Lich bone chip for coins quest #3524
-Synthetic Rubber (#1615) asks for wrong kind of steam cells #3518
-Qbit Wafer and Chip (#1679) has quantity mis-match #3516
-Glass Fiber (#1675) has quantity mis-match #3515
-Add quests explaining underground liquids off-world #3543
-Salt for your salty mouth quest not repeatable #3574
-Suggestion: Remove requirements for oil in quests #3561
Posted Sep 10, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 10, 18
Level 2
Version 16.11.2018

New Mods:

Open Glasses 1.0.46

Mod Upgrade:

Architecture Craft 1.7.3
Core Mod 1.6.03
Electro Magic Tools
IFU 1.4
Iron Tanks 1.1.16
Tec Tech 3.3.7
Thaumic Bases 1.4.18-0
Thaumic Horizons

Removed Mods:

Open Peripheral Core 1.4-280
Open Peripheral Addons 0.6-249
Open Peripheral Integration 0.6-95

Mod Changes:

-Added Recipe for Mudballs
-Added Recipe for Fluix Dust
-Added Fluid Solidifier Recipe for Ender Pearls
-change textures for Eggs
-add uev centrifuge recipes for infinity combs
-put hulls to the firt place of the java file to prevent the core mod have a load order error
-fix UV battery
-fix solarpanel recipe
-added circuits for quantum suit recipe
-Assembler recipes for Pump Covers (#1487)
-fix thick nutron reflector recipe
added dirt block mixer recipe
-added new fertilizer recipes
-Assembler recipe for basic Forestry circuit can't use NAND chips #3722
-Added LPIC and ULPIC to GT (need for new Energy Hatch recipe)
-change HPIC and UHPIC recipes
-Add new uv superconductore recipes
-add new wafer recipes in cutting machine
-added new pic recipes (npic)
-Change transformer recipes with adding new PICs
-add new uhv superconductor wires
-I use Superconductor UV for construction SupCond Coil
-split machine recipe loader in two files. Methode code was to large run 4
-Centrifuge Fire Charge = Blaze Powder with wrong meta id #3760
-add back LuV Superconductor recipes to fusion coils for balancing reasons
-remove item casings from itemlist
-change all recipes to meta gen items from gt
-Add itemCasing from GT to recipes
-change circuit recipes aproved by @0lafe
-add more circuits to assembler recipes to fluid hatches
-change bio recipes for the bio tier
-add 9 slot assembler
-change tank capacity in assemblers
-add back longer oc recipe for rack
-Suggestion: Grog Recipe Change #3798 Bug: Scummy Bee Mutation Broken. Impossible to get Nanomachines. #3791
-fix assembler gui to 9 inputs
-update grog recipe
-Suggestion: Alloy smelter recipes move/clone in other machines #3770
-Items missing proper Ore Dictionary #3744
-add new tier irradiate processing plates for solar panels uhv
-make more changes. Set Core mod circuits above uev
-added circuits to thier new tiers
-remove uhv and uev recipes recipes because they are in Tec Tech now.(major change)
-put all items Tec Tech using to Custom Itemlist to prevent a crash
-remove Uhv Circuit recipe and put it into Tec tech code

-added all alloy bees and combs from gendustry to gt code(major change)
-Trying Alkalus fix, compile problem with hashCode.
-Proper import for Objects.
-Fix caching
-Added Thaumic bees to GT Code(major change)
-add more variables for Bees thanks to zoko
-replace whole bee template with the traits copied from branch
-Fixe Bee lifespawn
-fixed and change bee recipes
-Add bee drops to gt code
-Add Drops recipe and change ROCK to rock in flowers allele
-fix fluids as muation blocks and show now dim and biome
-Add Propolis and Pollen to gt code
-Work with subclassed GT cables (ie: gt++ cables)
-added explosion log -readded GalacticraftFiles for @mitchej123 GC Compat
-fixed a typo in IGregTechTileEntity
-add gem and metal raremetals and radiactive bees to gt code(major change)
-added comb recipes to gem, metal, raremetals and radiactive bees in gt code
-Add tf bees to gt code (major change)
-fixcolors effects and localizers
-added <1% bee mutation rate
-fixed crashing w/o mods for bees
-added AlleleBeeProperties to the missing bees
-fixed bees loaclizer, comb colors and bee names
-add more comb recipes add drop recipes
-add more recipes to space combs
-Add the last com recipes
-added uev motor for uev centrifuge for infinity combs
-add forestry squeezer recipes to drops
-added unification of Gedustry bees -> GT bees
-fixed NPE without certain Mods Loaded
-oredict circuits working now hopfully in assembler
-Fixed Iron III Chloride Formula
-Fixed Iron III chloride Recipe and PBI recipes
-refined automatic bee exchange
-remove super cheap growth medium recipes
-buff bees in autoclave alot
-Add new bees: Apatite, Ash and Fertilizer
-add more requieremts for new bees
-try for force unification of assembler recipes
-add Dimethylbenzene to Distillations Tower
-Add new Pyrotheum and Cryotheum bees
-put unused materials to mateirals2 file
-fix dimethylbenzene from charcoal
-Add config for Small Boiler Automation (#1449)
-Add config for Small Boiler Automation Default is off
-Fixed retarded logic
-Fixed bug in macerator recipes. (#1468)
-fix(blockmachines): persistency on harvest (#1498)
-fix(oilsand ore): centrifuge recipes (#1485) fix chance for sand output from 0.63% to 50%-25% depending on richness
-fix rich oilsand ore flagging
-This patch fixes persistency of NBT tags in machine item when machine block is harvested. Machines with an @Override on setItemNBT will now persist data correctly when harvested?
-Magical Energy Absorber fix stop drain and rework Vis to EU Conversion (#1478)
-fix(magicalenergyabsorber) stops when buffer can not store the next maximum eu output
-Assembler recipe for basic Forestry circuit can't use NAND chips #3722
-Quest suggestion: Liquid Filter #3714
-Added LPIC and ULPIC to GT (need for new Energy Hatch recipe)
-change texture files a bit
-add new coil (crafting component only) recipes and textures
-update coils to ulv change ids. Add energy hatch recipe
-add back all euv machine components
-Add new UEV recipes for machine parts to ass line
-add assline nei integration for uev machine parts
-add metal option to cosmic neutronium. add gears and toolheads
-add new energy hatch recipes to crafting grid, assembler and assline
-add localizer to assline Energy hatches
-change recipes pumps 1 tier down
-change coil recipe
-Fix UHV Energy Hatch recipe
-Fix wires in Hatches
-More coils in Assembler recipes for Hatches
-add new PICS, WAFERS and uv superconductor wires update hatches recipes
-Change transformer recipes with adding new PICs
-Add ULPIC add LPIC for early trans
-added new uhv superconductore wires
-change Luv-uev machine component recipes(major change)
-changed uhv superconductor wires recipes to aw draconium tiny pipes
-fixed any rubber issue on ass line recipes (for pumps)
-add LuV-uv fluid regulator recipes. Change eu/t usage
-Add new recipes for Energy hatches(major change)
-Add new recipes for Dynamo hatches same as Energy hatches(major change)
-add new recipes for Input and Outpus Buses and hatches(major change)
-add new recipes for muffler hatches(major change)
-Add new item: Casing for crafting only(major change)
-oredict itemcasings from ic2
-Change pipes for liquid Hatches
-change recipes for growth medium. Aproved by @0lafe
-remove dissabeling eggs for stemcells(major change)
-remove groth medium from combs because dumb
-change Mk1 fusion controller
- change Bio material for Bio Circuit
-add 9 slot assembler
-change tank capacity in assemblers
-remove double fluid regulator recipes
-added fake oredict for CircuitAssemblerRecipes with Circuits
-Suggestion: Alloy smelter recipes move/clone in other machines #3770
-Alternative Magic Energy Generator - Blood Power #3769
-Add BloodMagic's slates in Magic Absorber
-PowerUp Slates
-Nerf neutronium shaping through smelting->moulding #3820 reducing Mass of neutronium by 100x(major change)
-add materials for nano, piko and quantum
-remove uhv and uev recipes recipes because they are in Tec Tech now.
-tec tech achivements typo fix
-remove zpm2 and 3 research recipe because in tec tech now
-Etched Low Voltage Wiring is using just one lens #3831

Electro Magic Tools
-added Runic Armor for: The One Ring, Inventory Charger/Decharger Ring, Thaumic/Electric Armor, Wings
-remove IC2BasicSource due to buggyness with new cables

-change recipe for the wand
-change Ore finder recipe again
-Tiny Mostly Visual Suggestion: Ore Finder Tech Themed #3799

Tec Tech
-Prepare code for energy tunnels
-Fix name of Superconductor special for GTNH
-put all UHV and UEV (core Mod and GT) recipes to Tec Tech reserach Station(major change)
-Achivements typo fix
-added new gt circuits to quantum computer

Config changes:

Architecture Craft
-Added the config values to fix issue #3761

Chisel Tones
-thanks to @Bryfer chisel tones config was wrong

Custom Tooltips
-update comb tooltps for gt combs
-Ender Collectors buggy #3729

Ender IO
-SAG Mill for Wrought Iron #3692

Enhanced Lootbags
-update lootbags for oc

-change d-o-b recipe to working now
-update tool tips for combs can processed in forestry centrifuge
-add gt combs too
-remove breeding and products from gendustry bees(major change)

-set GT Bees true
-unificate old item casings to be gt casings now

Open Computers
- Code Issues 523 Pull requests 0 Projects 2 Insights Settings Suggestion: Remove thaumcraft from Opencomputers blacklist default config. #3749

Open Glasses
-Awesome Mod Suggestion: OpenGlasses #3814

Open Peripherals
-Non-Compatible Mod: OpenPeripherals #3815 removed configs and scripts

Recipe changes:

Advanced Solar Panels
-I can not do MT Core #3826 MT Core recipe broken #3684

-fix ae2 script derp

-Infinity sword from avaritia cannot be crafted #3758

Biblio Craft
-remove slotted book and make atlas craftable with another book (known as Alkalus Exploit)
-Minor Suggestion: Replace pressure plate in BiblioCraft seats with wool slab. #3793

Core Mod
-moved coinage mold
-remove item casing recipes becase i moved them to gt
-new uhv solar pannel recipe for now.

Enhanced Lootbags
-update lootbags luck enchantment recipes

-Issue 2967 Extruder Recipe Move Moved recipes out of the Tinkers-Construct.zs file to GregTech.zs
-new uhv solar pannel recipe for now.

-fixing Nanosaber wasn't craftable

Malis Doors
-Big Door frames #2395

Open Computers
-Suggestion: Recipe for Component Bus (Creative) #3787

Open Peripherals
-Non-Compatible Mod: OpenPeripherals #3815 removed configs and scripts

Tinkers Construct
-Fix for Issue 2967 Ardite Tool fix
-Issue 2967 Extruder Recipe Move Files Moved fix for issue 2967 from Tinkers-Construct.zs to Gregtech.zs.
-Smeltery cannot make steel ingot #3812

Twilight Forest
-Add Thaumcraft aspect for Twilight Forest stuff #3236 thanks to @DV666

-Witchery Distillery Labeled Witchery Spinning Wheel #3829

Multiple mods
-[Suggestion] Extra Bees Frames Research Path #3691
-update all scripts to the new gregtech item casings
-Suggestion: Alloy smelter recipes move/clone in other machines #3770

Quests changes:

-Evolved Skeleton Time to Kill Quest Doesn't Complete #3703
-meteoric iron moon
-add milk radiation quest #3721
-update and add oc quests from Teirdalin
-Fix quest description spelling 'wich' -> 'which'
-Fix for Issue 3709 Changed the quest to show the new location of the veins being 80-120 not 40-80.
-Fix for Issue 3780 Quest ID 938 Updated match data 'Damage' field from 26 to 27 to allow the quest to be completed.
-Thaumcraft Warp Explanation in Questline #3777
-Make sure quests explain early water mechanics #3775
-Point players to IC2 crop sticks in farming tab when given ore berries #3771
-Quest Change Recommendation ID: 798 #3763
-Quest ID: 1020 Iron (III) Chloride #3756
-Committer: Dream-Master
Get rid of gate caused by electrotine jetpack #3754
-Tiny Mostly Visual Suggestion: Ore Finder Tech Themed #3799
-Add Piston Boots quest #3753
-Issue 3740 Ore Finding Rod Hints Added detail to the ore finding wand quest to help players understand that the wand doesn't need to be held to work as well as some of the signs that it is working. Sounds and visuals.
-Wrong Iron Caps is used for the Iron Capped Greatwood Wand. Quest #798 #3802
-Pam's Harvestcraft Olives not spawning #3743
-Add quests for traveller's gear #3737
-typo in quest. #3823
Posted Nov 16, 18 · OP
Level 2
Version 13.12.2018

Mod Upgrade:

Core Mod 1.6.04
Nodal Mechanic 1.1.0-K
Open Computers
Tec Tech 3.3.8

Mod Changes:

-New OC recipes improvement #3157
-Make Open Glass gt recipes #3835
-Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
-new ebf coil recipes
-add new ebf and vac freezer recipes for high tier stuff
-deep iron added to ebf list and vac freezer
-Elite Arc Furnaces only have one output slot #3863
-missing the last one (arc funace wrong otput)
-Coke Oven Brick Dust recipe bug #3869thanks @DualBallers
-Add zh lang file thanks to kiwi
-update Phosphor/Phosphorous (nedd new GT file)

-Oil recipe fix
-normal rubber allowed in luv pump #3834
-UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
-Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
-HV energy hatches too expensive #3844
-change color for HV coil
-New EBF Coils 12k and 15k Electrum Flux and Awakened Draconium
-add new temps to materials
-change material enums a bit for new ebf coils
-deep iron added to ebf list
-Some mistakes in GregTech.lang #3853
-Potassium nitrade dust recipe missing ingredients #3855
-MV Output Bus is not possible to craft #3867
-issue with malachite ore (nether version) #3872
-Cannot craft Foresty Copper Electron Tubes in the GT Assembling Machine. #3871
-add cinnabar 2nd mix thanks to kiwi
update zh lang file for GT thanks to Kiwi
-Also allow any number to be used while making ore dict things Better NC panel input/output format and additional book recipe (#1501)
-Update src/main/java/gregtech/api/metatileentity/implementations/
-Update src/main/java/gregtech/loaders/postload/
-Add volumetric flask. (#1500)
-Fix maintenance cover (#1496)
-New public variable init
-Initiated new public variable which is calculate how much damage get turbine rotor per time, its needed to compare with actual rotor durability.
-Fix #1439 and #1456 (#1503) Fix #1439 Fix #1456
-Fix flask gui.
-Add disable sort option for input bus. Default behavior will stay same
-depricate Phosphor
-Fix flask crash on server

Tec Tech
-Add Object input for ass line
-add oredict support for circuits in assline
-UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
-Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
-recipe overlap assembly line slots
-In case there is no alt field
-Fix using bad number type in add line recipes...
-fix material Phosphor to Phosphorus in lastest gt version

Recipe changes:

-Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
-fix derp. Oredict cant be input item.

-Update Build-Craft.zs

-start with comb oredict support

-add all Trapdoors to AnimalTrap

-Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843

Open Glasses
-recipes not removed via code possible

-Infusion recipe for Charged Silver Caps is missing #3860

Tinkers Contruct
-Clear glass pane EBF recipe bug #3879

Quests changes:

-Assembly Line NEI #3842
-re add mil quest from DualBallas
-[Help] Guidebook localization support. #1643
-update Sleeping bag quest
-Move Space Torches quest to after Rocket Fuel #3880
-add new iron and wooden door quest Oil Sand Quest #3877
-add lang file us for quests
Posted Dec 13, 18 · OP
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