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[Admin] Namikon a posted Sat at 15:38


we were informed that our hoster is planning some maintenance on their Network and Servers. You might experience massive lag, disconnects or downtime of either Delta, Epsilon or the TechnicLauncher Update System on the following dates:

10.12.2018 08:30 CET till 10.12.2018 10:00 CET


14.12.2018 04:00 CET till 14.12.2018 06:00 CET

- Namikon


we just launched our "Grave Self Sevice" Information Portal. Find out where exactly your grave is, if it's spawned or if you need to contact Staff, and check for how long it will be there before it's deleted.
You can find the Pages here:

Self-Service Portal Delta

Self-Service Portal Epsilon

In order to lookup your graves, you have to login on the Server you want to check, and type in
 ⁄gravehelp request.
You will then receive your unique Code. Notice: This still considered Beta, please report all problems with this on the well-known Github page, or contact Namikon on Discord directly. Thank you!

- Namikon


as the Server-Backups are running at almost exactly the same time, we have a small bottleneck on our Backup-Space. In order to speed that up and to give us the ability to solve problems one after another, the restart cycles have been spread by 1 hour. Server Delta will now do its restart one hour prior to Epsilon

- Namikon


so, someone decided to donate an entire year of Time for our Page. That ramped us up to a total of 453 remaining Days. Whoever that was, thank you a lot for this!

And as a result of that, we removed the GroupPay function from this Page. We cannot guarantee that Enjin (or we) will still be here in almost 1,5 years, so we go the safe route and stop accepting Website Donations for the time being.

And to prevent rumors:

We do not have plans to shut either this Page, the Modpack, or any Server down! In fact, there are currently plans for a 1.10+ Modpack and new Servers for that (Additional; Not replacements!); *cough* GTNH v3 *cough*.

So in the name of the whole GT:NH Team:

Thank you all for your support and generous donations!

- Namikon

Good day everyone,

our ISP is doing some maintenance on their Routers, and both our Servers are affected.

Tomorrow, on 06.09.2018, between 05:00am and 07:00am (estimated) CEST (03:00am to 05:00am (estimated) in UTC) the connections to Delta and Epsilon are to be considered unstable.

- Namikon

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