A Large Modpack with every recipe “Gregified”

Since Greg proved everyone that people DO like ultra-hard gaming! It is all about exploring and exploiting the resources!

Step trough the gate

Mountain Ra(n)ge

A good start

Pollution might come later

Months of playtime

Exclusive mods

Questline to guide you

Everything Gregified

Endgame, Huh?

You might wonder:

"What does this pack have to offer?"

Let me show you the key features.


Centered around GT5U, this modpack provides lots of integration to it, via new mods(TecTech, Bartworks, GT++, BotIndustries, GTNH core mod...). We also use Minetweaker to greggify recipes!


After reaching a certain progression, you may start your journey into the greggified magic: Witchery, Blood Magic, Thaumcraft and their addons will wait for you!


With mods like Hunger Overhaul, Spice of Life, Pam's Harvestcraft, Special Mobs, Infernal Mobs, Lava Monsters, Anger Mod and Hardcore Darkness, you will have a unique and truly challenging survival experience!


If you like the exploration, be rassured! With mods like Rogue-like Dungeons, Witchery, Thaumcraft, Twillight Forest, Hardcore Ender Expansion and Galacticraft, you'll have plenty of things to explore and discover!

Our Team

Yeah, there is also discord.