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Our new Server Eta is going well so far;
We also have great success with our Test-Server Zeta (You may opt-In for testing by contacting DreamMasterXXL on Discord).
Recently we were able to continue the Town Mod we're using; Expect some new features soon!

We now also keep 4 Weeks of hourly-backups for all 3 Servers (Was 2 Weeks before), and some additional off-site backups in case a Sever dies completely.

Of course, nothing comes for free. Our cost has increased by a fair amount; However, we still try to get the best and most inexpensive offers
for all our Servers. The estimated required amount of Donations per Month is now around 144,50 Euro.
This includes everything we use/provide.

We hope you'll understand the necessity to raise our Donation goals.

Thank you all for your continued passion and generous Donations!


GTNH Staff

MyTown changes

[Admin] Namikon a posted Mar 17, 19


starting today; the town-flags mobs and explosions are no longer configurable and are enforced to true.
The pack has sufficient items and machines to prevent monster spawn or attack and kill hostiles.

This only affects new towns; For everyone else with existing towns:
All existing tows will have their flags mobs and explosions set to true on 24.03.2019!
No refunds on destroyed areas!


There will be an option later to have these flags enabled for your town; There will be a separate announcement once it
is available.

Stay save! (And light up your town; They're coming!)

Changes have been rolled back. Things didn't work as I've expected them to work.. Enjoy your Mob-Free towns!

- Namikon


4th of January 2019, well, still time to wish you all a happy new year!

There is a new subforum called Complaints / Feedback.
This forum is meant for serious reports and complaints about players and staff, but also praises and feedback which are meant to be seen by Admins only.

In other words, whatever you post in there will:

  • not count towards your total post count
  • be invisible for everyone except you and users with [Admin] tag
  • be handled with all required discretion and respect
  • never be forwarded to anyone else or made public

We decided to use a forum instead of an email address because that way we can easily answer to your post and get into a further discussion if required.

- Namikon


we were informed that our hoster is planning some maintenance on their Network and Servers. You might experience massive lag, disconnects or downtime of either Delta, Epsilon or the TechnicLauncher Update System on the following dates:

10.12.2018 08:30 CET till 10.12.2018 10:00 CET


14.12.2018 04:00 CET till 14.12.2018 06:00 CET

- Namikon


as the Server-Backups are running at almost exactly the same time, we have a small bottleneck on our Backup-Space. In order to speed that up and to give us the ability to solve problems one after another, the restart cycles have been spread by 1 hour. Server Delta will now do its restart one hour prior to Epsilon

- Namikon

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