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we are currently preparing the launch of our 3rd Server; "Zeta", which will act as a Test-Server for the next big Update of our pack. Everyone currently Whitelisted will, of course, have access to it, such as everyone else who is going to be Whitelisted after the launch.

The reason for this decision is simple: The amount of changes in the next Update and their complexity are just way too much to test and review by our small staff team, and the few people who are willing to play the pack in SP.

We need more than just a small test of individual machines; Basically, the whole progression system needs to be reviewed.

Zeta will have a different config setting, depending on whatever we need to test or verify; But be sure that there will be no need to grind your way up to a certain tech level.

The Donation Goals have been updated to cover the cost for this new Server, but without altering the requirement for the most-wanted perks. Starting today, there is no more limit on Donations; But every single Euro donated will go into the savings to pay for Zeta. The more donations we get, the longer we're able to run it!

And last but not least:
Another official Statement regarding the next update itself will be released soon, so stay tuned!


Good day everyone,

please make sure to read the http://www.gtnewhorizons.com/banneditems page.


Epsilon launched

[Admin] Namikon a posted Apr 14, 17

Good day everyone,

Our second Server Epsilon has successfully launched yesterday.
We're currently post-processing the launch, and stuff that is currently missing will be activated soon, so stay tuned.

LootGames will get their final update either today (14.04.2017) or tomorrow, and you will be able to play the mini-dungeons to get loot.

Regarding Whitelist, all pending Whitelist applications will also be processed later this day.


Enjin messed up

[Admin] Namikon a posted Feb 16, 17

We've been talking to Enjin support for quite a while now to solve the PayPal and subscription issues we have; Unfortunately without success.

As a result, we will cancel every active subscription in the next couple of days. Discussions are already going on how to further proceed with donations, stay tuned for updates. (Spoiler: Something huge is coming!)

The monthly goal system is still in place and is functional. The last payments have been added today. To reach the goal, please use the manual donation button there; Thank you!

Best regards,

- Namikon

As of today, 02.12.2016, the last monthly goal was unlocked for the first time; A big thank you to all who have donated to help us keep things running!

Since a few special things have been unlocked by this, a word of warning: The commands that have been unlocked will be locked again once the time is up

In addition to that:

  • /enderchest
    While your items will not be lost if the access to it will be revoked, you might not be able to open it until the goal has been reached the next month.
    There are ways to open it (Bloodmagic, Thaumcraft) but depending on your current progression, you might be still far away from that.
  • /tpa, /tphere to Space-Dimensions before you actually reached that tier yourself
    While this is possible, you should be aware that if you don't have the required armor/items for those dimensions, you will die. Quickly. And if you die, your stuff will most likely be lost. And as it is not caused by a bug, but by trying to bypass progression, no refunds will be given in such cases

That being said, here are a few tips to ensure relaxed gameplay:

  • Watch the Stretchgoal-page. Keep track of what has been unlocked, and keep an eye out for the countdown
  • If you don't have Thaumcraft/Bloodmagic Enderchest access yet (Or found a Chest in the end, hint hint), grab all your items from your /enderchest before the time is up
  • Don't skip progression. Progression is more than just a short trip to one planet. And if you die without having access yourself, your items might be lost

Again, thank you so much for helping us with your donations!



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