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we are currently preparing the launch of our 3rd Server; "Zeta", which will act as a Test-Server for the next big Update of our pack. Everyone currently Whitelisted will, of course, have access to it, such as everyone else who is going to be Whitelisted after the launch.

The reason for this decision is simple: The amount of changes in the next Update and their complexity are just way too much to test and review by our small staff team, and the few people who are willing to play the pack in SP.

We need more than just a small test of individual machines; Basically, the whole progression system needs to be reviewed.

Zeta will have a different config setting, depending on whatever we need to test or verify; But be sure that there will be no need to grind your way up to a certain tech level.

The Donation Goals have been updated to cover the cost for this new Server, but without altering the requirement for the most-wanted perks. Starting today, there is no more limit on Donations; But every single Euro donated will go into the savings to pay for Zeta. The more donations we get, the longer we're able to run it!

And last but not least:
Another official Statement regarding the next update itself will be released soon, so stay tuned!


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