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A lot of time has passed since the last big update to
Weeks, almost months, have been spent in programming mods, writing/changing recipes, creating quests, while at the same time trying to keep the progression system that we build from scratch, across every single of our 200+ mods.

Recent new additions to our central mod "GregTech" had a tremendous impact on almost the entire progression system, as it fundamentally changes a few things that were considered to be the "roots" of GT:NewHorizons. And we all know, cutting a tree can be difficult if the tree is large enough; but replanting it because you need to change its roots is almost impossible.

As a result of these huge changes, we decided to make a "major" Version jump this time; "GT:NH 1.5" will be renamed to "GT:NH 2.0" once it's ready to be released.

Meanwhile, please join us on our new Server "Zeta" once it's available and help us find bugs.
The Server is currently being prepared, and will, hopefully, be ready for action starting 14/15th of July '17.

Another announcement will be made once the Server has been made public.

- GTNH Staff

WarlordWossman I am glad we made it so far and wanted to thank everyone who helped making this pack so great. Hyped to see what the fut...
MaitreCarl wow cool : )


we are currently preparing the launch of our 3rd Server; "Zeta", which will act as a Test-Server for the next big Update of our pack. Everyone currently Whitelisted will, of course, have access to it, such as everyone else who is going to be Whitelisted after the launch.

The reason for this decision is simple: The amount of changes in the next Update and their complexity are just way too much to test and review by our small staff team, and the few people who are willing to play the pack in SP.

We need more than just a small test of individual machines; Basically, the whole progression system needs to be reviewed.

Zeta will have a different config setting, depending on whatever we need to test or verify; But be sure that there will be no need to grind your way up to a certain tech level.

The Donation Goals have been updated to cover the cost for this new Server, but without altering the requirement for the most-wanted perks. Starting today, there is no more limit on Donations; But every single Euro donated will go into the savings to pay for Zeta. The more donations we get, the longer we're able to run it!

And last but not least:
Another official Statement regarding the next update itself will be released soon, so stay tuned!


Good day everyone,

please make sure to read the http://www.gtnewhorizons.com/banneditems page.


Epsilon launched

[Admin] Namikon a posted Apr 14, 17

Good day everyone,

Our second Server Epsilon has successfully launched yesterday.
We're currently post-processing the launch, and stuff that is currently missing will be activated soon, so stay tuned.

LootGames will get their final update either today (14.04.2017) or tomorrow, and you will be able to play the mini-dungeons to get loot.

Regarding Whitelist, all pending Whitelist applications will also be processed later this day.


Once again we've reached the capacity of our Server Delta. Until the player base has gone back to approx. 10-12 players, the Whitelist application is locked.

But good news everyone!
Our Server Epsilon (Disguised as "TestServer" at the moment) is almost ready for action and will be released to the public on 13.04. 22:00 CEST (GMT+2)

So plenty of time during the easter holidays (If you happen to have them in your country)
to explore a new World.

Some features/rules:

  • No player transfers, for nobody. Everyone will start from scratch. (Yes, even our Staff-Members)
  • World-Generation by RTG (Basically Biomes 'o Plenty). Proper climate zones, Vanilla Thaumcraft Biomes, Oceans, and much more.
  • A new unique way to obtain (tons!) of Loot (A new, yet unreleased Mod created for GTNH by our Staff that will let you play minigames and reward, or punish you)
    This mod and its dungeons will also be added to Delta.
  • New balanced Chest-Loot in Villages and Vanilla Dungeons
  • No paywall. If you are whitelisted, you'll have access to this new Server.
  • Same goes for Donations. Once the global goal is reached, both Servers will unlock the perks. To cover the new cost, the total amount will be slightly increased. But we were also able to lower the cost of Delta, so it won't be a huge Difference at all

Speaking of a new Server; Our team is rather small, and we are in need for qualified, mature and reliable people to join our team, to help on Discord and/or ingame, on both Servers. If you are interested, contact me on Discord after the launch of Epsilon on 13.04. (We're busy with getting the Server done, so I won't deal with that until then)

- Namikon

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